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Nelita Iuppa

Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Informatics 
Cleveland Clinic 

Dr. Nelita Iuppa has been a leading figure in Nursing Informatics at Cleveland Clinic for the past 25 years. Her focus has been on nursing automation, cultural adoption of technology in healthcare, and ease of digital solutions at the bedside for enhanced patient outcomes, safety, security, and overall experience. She has led countless documentation, mobile computing, web applications, connected medical device, business analytics, clinical decision support, and emerging technology solutions for over 70,000 caregivers across 22 hospitals, in three states, and four countries. She has been instrumental in building and designing new hospital spaces with smart technology solutions and has been the recipient of several innovator awards. Dr. Iuppa is an incredibly active serving leader to several national nursing informatics organizations including the Alliance for Nursing informatics and the Healthcare Information Management System Society or HIMSS. She holds dual ANCC Board certifications in Nursing Informatics and as an Advanced Nurse Executive and a lifetime fellow in HIMSS. In addition to multiple publications and research studies, she has a passion for bringing together thought ideas from healthcare technology vendors and industry to partner with nurse leaders for a diverse viewpoint and equitable approach to impactful nursing technology solutions.    

Dr. Iuppa serves on several top-ranked nursing informatics boards, and as an adjunct professor and guest lecturer at multiple online and local Northeast Ohio Universities. Dr. Iuppa often chairs national and international nursing and healthcare related symposia and was the creator of programs such as the Cleveland Clinic SHIELD™ (Safety in Healthcare through Information, Education and Learning Development) conference and the Ohio Nursing Informatics Organization (ONIO). She received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice and Bachelors of Nursing degrees from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and her Masters in Nursing Informatics from the University of Maryland in Baltimore.  She holds dual ANCC Board certifications in Nursing Informatics and as an Advanced Nurse Executive and a lifetime fellow member of HIMSS.  She has authored and published journal articles, research studies and book chapters on various nursing informatics topics and often participates as an expert source for various media articles, blogs and podcasts.  

Currently Nelita and her informatics expert team are focused on establishing an agile nursing workforce, patient engagement in their care, virtual nursing care, cybersecurity protection in nursing, streamlining technology transitions for new hospitals to the enterprise and partnering with various technology vendors to augment intelligent solutions for nurses to alleviate the technology burden on clinical care using emerging technology solutions.  Dr. Iuppa is also researching avenues to build the talent pipeline for the specialty area of nursing informatics through mentorship and leadership development opportunities.  Dr. Iuppa is passionate about the discipline of nursing informatics and establishing safe, high-quality and joy-filled nursing practice and patient care environments through the partnership of automated intelligent solutions.  

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