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Mary Joy Garcia-Dia

Program Director, Nursing Informatics

New York-Presbyterian

Dr. Mary Joy Garcia-Dia is a distinguished leader in healthcare technology, known for her contributions to systems implementation, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and virtual nursing. As the Corporate Program Director of Nursing Informatics at NewYork-Presbyterian, she integrates technology into healthcare to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.

Her journey began as a critical care nurse, leading to her expertise in nursing informatics. Garcia-Dia holds a Nursing Informatics Master’s Degree from New York University; a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and Coldiron Senior Nurse Executive Fellowship at Case Western Reserve University. Her research has focused on global health, mobile technology, resilience, and structural empowerment.

Garcia-Dia has been instrumental in developing digital health solutions. Her work in remote patient monitoring allows real-time health tracking, reducing hospital visits. This telehealth initiative has expanded access to healthcare, particularly vital during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also champions virtual nursing, enabling efficient patient management and optimizing clinical resources.

Her outcomes-driven approach leverages data analytics to improve healthcare delivery, reducing disparities and enhancing patient satisfaction. Garcia-Dia is a prolific author, with numerous journal articles, chapter contributions, and a book on Project Management in Nursing Informatics. She contributes to the Nursing Management Journal and holds adjunct faculty positions at several prestigious universities. Her commitment to education ensures that future healthcare professionals are well-versed in the latest technological advancements.

Dr. Garcia-Dia’s visionary leadership and dedication to improving healthcare through technology continue to set new industry standards. As a thought leader, educator, and innovator, she remains a pivotal figure in the ongoing digital transformation of healthcare.

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