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Dr. Joseph Bertulfo is the Director of the Occupational Health and Safety Office at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In his role, he is responsible for preparing CDC staff who are deployed throughout the U.S. for COVID-19 response. This includes providing pre-deployment training on donning and doffing personal protection equipment, like respirators and gowns, and developing post-deployment guidance for returning responders. 

His previous leadership roles at the CDC include Deputy Director for the Division of Applied Sciences and the Senior Advisor for Healthcare Sector Partnerships in the Division for Partnerships and Strategic Alliances. He is also a founding member of the CDC Nurses’ Workgroup, a professional organization focused on advancing scientific contributions to public health by CDC’s 200+ nurses. Over the past 20 years his professional portfolio includes contributions to the fields of healthcare quality improvement, public health emergency preparedness, and workforce development. Mr. Bertulfo has been recognized for his contributions to public health and nursing on multiple occasions. He received the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service in 2005, the U.S. Public Health Service Chief Nurse Officer Award in 2007 and 2010, and the 2012 Carruth Wagner Nursing Leadership Award. Mr. Bertulfo is an active member of the University of Florida College of Nursing Alumni Council and a 2012 recipient of the University of Florida’s Dorothy M. Smith Nursing Leadership Award. He is a board-certified nurse practitioner, receiving his BSN from the University of Florida and MPH and MSN degrees from the University of South Florida. Mr. Bertulfo received a Doctor of Nursing Practice from The University of Alabama.

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